Jewelry is not an easy thing for a man to pull off. You’ve got your watch (because we have things to do, and wish to do them in a timely manner) and a wedding band, optionally. Other than that, it’s hard to get away with anything not related to religion or the military. However, we’ve gathered a few options that definitely fall within the boarders of steel fortification that surround man-approved jewelry. Enjoy.

Master Chief Sterling Ring

Unless you’re an uber nerd, you probably shouldn’t be wearing this to the club or a bar. But, it could be worn ironically if you’re the clown of your crew. Also, this sterling silver novelty ring would fit nicely on your middle finger when you’re arguing via webcam with the newb that just fragged 5 of your time members by bouncing his grenade off the ceiling on accident. [Buy it]

12-Point Wrench Ring

For the gearheads among us, the 12-point wrench ring isn’t quite as useful as the tool it is modeled after, but it certainly communicates “I can probably fix your chopper,” better than carrying around a toolbox. The only catch, of course, is that you damn well better be able to fix that chopper if you’re going to make as bold of a finger statement as this. [Buy it]

Atari Chip Ring

This 18 karat gold ring is modeled after the chip used in the original, 1981 Atari gaming system. Could anything be more retro geek-chic? We submit that it could not. They’re crafted by Brooklyn-based Sakurako Shmizu, and they’re was only a run of 10. There’s no price on the website, but we think if you have to ask, you probably can’t afford it. [Buy it]

Sound Advice

The Sound Advice Project was started to inspire parents to talk to their kids about drugs in a hip way. On accident, though, the focus of their campaign became the cool idea they had for jewelry, and not drugs at all. What happens is you record your voice saying anything you want, send the file to them, and they recreate the equalizer shape, then put it on a bracelet. The possibilities are as endless as what can come out of your mouth. Brilliant. [Buy it]

Dinosaur Bone Ring

“How can anybody but John Hammond have a dinosaur bone ring,” you might be asking. Good question. It’s because it’s not made of actual bone, technically. It’s made of fossilized bone in which the bone has been agatized and the cellular structure of it has been maintained but replaced with quarts. It’s got a spooky, almost scaled look, and surely there could be no manlier stone. [Buy it]