Everyone’s favorite lovable kook is making a cameo in today’s big blockbuster release, Iron Man.

CNBC released photos from the film of the Mad Money host ranting about Stark Industries. As all you comic book nerds know, Star Industries is the name of Tony Stark’s (Iron Man’s real name) weapon production company.

Maybe Cramer is telling viewers to buy and hold Stark Industries just days before its massive collapse like like he did with Bear Stearns ?

To be fair, Cramer is a smart guy who has made a lot of good investing moves his whole life. He is extremely wealthy, hosts a very successful TV show, isn’t afraid to be make bold claims or be a wacky guy who brings a little life to an otherwise somewhat dull CNBC lineup.

Cramer has appeared on the now defunct but still hilarious TV show Arrested Development in the past. During those cameos he upgraded the main character’s ‘Bluth Company’ from a ‘Triple Sell’ to a ‘Don’t Buy’ rating. That’s some very positive stock analysis, but look what that cameo did to the series.

But now, he’s in movies? I don’t think I can take another old unattractive guy getting into the movies business. Couldn’t they get Fox Biz’s Jenna Lee or CNBC’s Erin Burnett to do Cramer’s part?

Iron Man is hoping to start the summer off with a big bang. Marvel and Paramount pictures are targeting the film to bring in $102 Million over this, it’s opening, weekend.

This is the first of 10 films coming from Marvel Studios, the previous Spider-man and X-Men franchises were part of licensing deals with Fox and Sony. But this weekend’s expected blockbuster is the first fully-financed Marvel Studios film. According to an article on the iFilm blog, this comes with perfect timing for Marvel, which announces earnings on Monday.

This looks like a cool movie and I’ll probably go see it, but will Jim Cramer’s sweaty cherub face turn away potential viewers?

Let us know in the comments section.

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