As a fan of music and women, we are happy to report that Joan Jett, Heart and Donna Summer have all been nominated for membership in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. We won’t wade into the controversies about the Hall inducting the Eagles before the Ronettes or why they entirely ignore genres like prog rock and New Orleans funk. Let’s just celebrate these women for being hot and talented. And admire their unique beauty, of course.


Joan Jett

Not just a singer, songwriter and killer guitar player, Jett also produced the lone Germs record, as well as Metal Church and Big Daddy Kane. She’s nothing if not eclectic.



Nancy and Ann Wilson pretended to be Canadian when they first founded Heart. This allowed them to take advantage of laws requiring a certain amount of radio play for Canadian bands.


Donna Summer

Summer holds the distinction of being the first artist to have three consecutive double albums go all the way to the top of the Billboard chart.


There are fewer than 30 females in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which only makes us respect those who are in or nominated even more. But we can’t stop there. Without further ado, here are the 10 Hottest Women In the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.