Fox Business offers some helpful advice for recent college grads looking to get into the job market.

Try not to be too scared by the woman doling out these tips. I just keep imagining her to be someone who would torture dalmatian puppies or something. Scary.

Also check out the Wall Street Fighter take on these tips after the jump:

First off, the expert speaking in this video is Betsy Richards from ‘Kaplan University’, is that really a school? Upon further research I found that Kaplan is one of those online course colleges with all the annoying TV ads. They’re also owned by Kaplan Inc., which is in the business of running college prep and SAT prep courses. Something just seems weird about a college prep company owning an online college. Can they help you get into their own school?

But I digress, some of the tips she offers are pretty decent.

#1 – Identify industry trends for new openings – This makes a lot of sense, especially with the ‘green’, health care, IT, and urban planning industries experiencing high demand. But imagine if you were a combined solar-powered nurse who designs cities made entirely out of computers? Well, I suppose employers would certainly be breaking down the doors to hire you. I bet they offer a specialized degree in that at Kaplan.

#2 – Don’t rely on social networking to get hired – This one is kind of dumb. Do people really think they can get hired right off of Facebook or MySpace without ever having to interview with an employer? I guess that’s the kind of a dreamworld scenario involving a complete loss of social interaction that one day robots will thrive in.

#3 – Find companies you would like to work for and get your foot in the door – The thinking here is that it’s OK to take a job you hate at a company you like. I guess that explains the logic for the guy mopping up after porno shoots.

Got any other tips for readers just entering the job market after their fun-filled college days? Let us hear them in the comments section.

Fox Business: Tips for Job-Seeking Graduates, May 22, 2008