There’s nothing like being surprised with a little more muscle when preparing for something as competitive as the U.S. Invictus Games.

And that’s exactly what a couple of U.S. team members got when WWE Superstar John Cena showed up in the 500-plus horsepower Range Rover Sport SVR to chauffeur them to the venue for the sporting event being held in Orlando.

Just check out those faces of Joshua Jablon, a retired Marine Lance Corporal, and Tino Ulli, a retired Air Force Staff Sergeant (along with their girlfriends), captured in the video below when it was all caught on camera.

Good stuff, Cena. Although, it’s clear that the WWE star had as much fun as anyone being part of the Jaguar Land Rover sponsored event where wounded and injured service men and women compete in various sporting games.

“We are all indebted to our servicemen and women and I fully support the Games and the opportunity it gives us all to recognize the heroes of our nation,” says Cena, who’s also famous for his record number of Make-a-Wish Foundation appearances. “I wish all the competitors the very best of luck for the final stages of the Games.”

The WWE star will also participate in the closing ceremony for the Games, presenting a Land Rover award to an individual who has best exemplified the true spirit of the competition.