There are a million blogs on the net and I can’t possibly read all of them. I tend to steer to the humor and trading sites. Every once in a while I tend to linger towards the “how to make a better” blog sites and JohnChowDotCom is one of those sites.

I don’t think John goes out to write a site that helps you make a better site but through his postings on his trials and tests I’ve learned things that work and don’t work on the internet. I first found out about John through digg and his stories I felt were some of the best on digg. They constantly were among the most dugg stories on the site. Then unbelievably he was banned from digg for posting too many of his own stories. We all post our own stories. The difference being John and I only posted stories that we thought were some our our better work. Digg didn’t agree. John doesn’t need Digg. He has one of the best sites on the net and draws thousands of viewers every day on his own merit.

One of his more creative ideas is to have people write reviews his site in return for a list of who writes reviews. How does this benefit me? I get a link on one of the best sites on the net for free. I would write this review for free because I aspire to have the return viewership he has. Of course “Raping the Bull” doesn’t quite have the same return value. Want to have a better site and learn more about this Internet thing? Give John Chow a try. One last thing. This guy pretty much copied exactly John’s site but actually it is a good site as well.