We’re all but predisposed to picture John Malkovich in multiplicity, thanks to Spike Jonze’s surreal 1999 cult classic, Being John Malkovich. The eccentric actor and his infinitely malleable face are back to mess with your head in a new series by photographer Sandro Miller, titled—what else?—Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich.

Going up at the Catherine Edelman Gallery in Chicago this November, the exhibit features recreations of iconic 20th-century portraits, with Malkovich stepping in for the original subjects. Among the works are Dorothea Lange’s stoic Migrant Mother; Alberto Korda’s emblematic portrait of Che Guevara; Annie Leibovitz’s image of John Lennon nude-spooning Yoko Ono (with Miller standing in for Yoko); and even Diane Arbus’s creepy Identical Twins, Roselle, New Jersey. Malkovich is one hell of an impressionist, whether he’s stepping into the skin of Salvador Dalí or Bette Davis. Check out the images below, and the whole crazy series here.

John Malkovich as Che Guevara
As Che Guevara

John Malkovich as John Lennon
As John Lennon

John Malkovich as Albert Einstein
As Albert Einstein

John Malkovich as Salvador Dali
As Salvador Dali

John Malkovich as Ernest Hemingway
As Ernest Hemingway

(h/t PetaPixel)