Johnny Brookheart recognizes that wholly piercing love can come in all sorts of colors, volumes, and shapes. That’s why he’s offering a line of engagement piercings for the soon-to-be-hitched couples on the fringe of society but in the throes of love.  These are the guys with more than 4 strippers at their bachelor parties.

They offer 6 different types of engagement piercings. A plain barbell, a curved barbell, a belly button piercing, segment, rings, a captive ball, and our favorite: the diamond tongue stud. The most expensive (the belly button) is $11,500, and the least is the plain barbell at $425.

Frankly, though, we feel that it’s tacky to discuss price when you’re talking about a relationship so outstanding and unique, it can only by symbolically celebrated with a diamond through her tongue. [Buy it]