This joke takes place in Ireland.The barkeep is shutting the place down, placing the barstools on the counter. There is one person left in the bar, nursing his lager. He asks the bartender, “Barkeep, who fixes all of the cars in the village?”
The bartender replied, “You do, Ivan”.
The customer woefully replies, “But do they call me Ivan the car-fixer? NO!”. He takes a gulp of his lager and says, “Barkeep, who designed all of the boats in the harbor?”. The bartender replied, “You did, Ivan.” The customer even more woefully replies, “But do they call me Ivan the ship designer? NO!”.
He takes another big swig of his lager, and says, “And barkeep, who has painted all of the houses in the village?”. The bartender dutifully replied, “You did, Ivan.”, to which Ivan replied, even more woefully, “But do they call me Ivan the house painter? NOOOOO!” To which he downed the last of his lager and angrily said, “Aye! But ye fuck just ONE goat……”