Oh, man, Jon Hamm. If everyone on the Internet isn’t gawking at your crotch, they’re mocking the haircut you had 18 years ago.

This video blew up today: The Mad Men star as a 25-year-old contestant on the 1996 game show The Big Date, rocking a center part that seemingly escaped from the back of a Gin Blossoms CD cover. (Aside: We still don’t believe this dating show really existed; it’s got to be some kind of CGI prank Hamm and Adam Scott cooked up.)

Now everyone’s making fun of the poor guy’s hair. It’s topping Facebook’s Trending list. Barring a major West Coast earthquake in the next six hours, April 4, 2014, will be writ in history as Jon Hamm’s Very Bad Hair Day. We say, let he who has not committed a ’90s hair sin cast the first can of Studio Line mousse. Technically, there are two worse style offenses in this video: The blond tips on one of Hamm’s opponents, and host Mark L. Wahlberg’s oversized high-rise suit, which was not worn in tribute to David Byrne. But then again, we were guilty of sporting both of those, maybe even at the same time.