Sure he was great in Wolf of Wall Street and Moneyball and 21 Jump Street, but now Jonah Hill is taking it to the next level with his Oscar-worthy performance in… a Palace x Reebok Collaboration ad? You may be tempted to hate on it but honestly, it’s kind of amazing. It’s sort of like a Norm MacDonald “anti-comedy” routine or something, as Mr. Hill gets superimposed in front of a shoe store and talks about footwear and skating like someone reading (badly) from a teleprompter.

“Palace, man. I love that stuff. I always make sure to come by the store, you know, just to hang, say what’s up to the skateboarders, or like myself — ‘let’s hang out and do some heel flips later’ — and check out the latest product — ‘that looks chill you should buy that’ — and wax… my grap [sic] tape… and ever other truck stuff I need.”


It weirdly reminds us a bit of Orlando Jones attempting to sell magazine subscriptions in Office Space. Just like sort of semi-conscious and disconnected and weird, but ultimately hilarious.

We have no idea what your arrangement with Palace and/or “Ree-boke” is, Jonah, but just keep doing what you’re doing, buddy, and we’ll catch you on the heel flip side.