Three weeks into the NBA season, the New Orleans Pelicans are off to a solid start. That’s thanks in part to to the stellar play of All-Star point guard Jrue Holiday, who rarely takes one. In June, after his most successful season as a pro, he was traded from Philadelphia to NO for a couple of draft picks. In July, he married US women’s national soccer team midfielder (and fellow UCLA product) Lauren Cheney. And somewhere in there, he sat down with Made Man at an adidas event to discuss point guards, hoops cinema and (of course) cuts of meat.

“Worst part about the NBA? The travel. You travel a lot. The West Coast trip
is—whew—it’s brutal.”

MADE MAN: What’s the best basketball movie ever made?
JRUE HOLIDAY: I guess there’s Hoosiers. There’s He Got Game. There’s The Sixth Man. I thought those were all pretty cool movies.

MM: Did any of them have a big impact on you growing up?
JH: No, I don’t think so.

MM: Who’s the best point guard ever?
JH: That’s a hard question. If you want a passing point guard, there’s John Stockton. There’s also Steve Nash. There’s Chris Paul. There’s Rajon Rondo. Even though those guys are still playing, I feel like what they’re doing in their careers is awesome. If you want a scoring point guard, there’s D-Rose. There’s Tim Hardaway. There’s so many, it’s hard to really just pick one.

MM: Who was the guard you looked up to?
JH: One is Chauncey Billups. He could score from anywhere on the court. And then there’s Baron Davis. He was a UCLA guy like me.

MM: Let’s make the smooth segue to cooked meats. Do you do any outdoor grilling?
JH: I can’t. I can’t at all. I love to eat it though. I love to eat grilled food and barbecue.

MM: Where’s your favorite place to get barbecue?
JH: There’s actually this one place in Indiana called City Barbeque. It’s pretty good.

MM: Anywhere in your hometown of LA?
JH: Nah. More so tacos, Mexican food. And Roscoe’s. Love Roscoe’s.

“So instead of Philly winters, I get jazz and Mardi Gras? OK, cool.”

MM: Favorite steakhouse?
JH: I actually went to Morton’s last night. Morton’s was awesome. I got a porterhouse. Delicious.

MM: Is that your favorite cut of meat?
JH: Yeah, porterhouse. Filet mignon is good too though.

MM: How should a man order a steak?
JH: Medium. Little bit of pink inside so it’s still juicy.

MM: Steak sauce or no steak sauce?
JH: It depends. If the steak is really good, you don’t need it.

MM: What’s the worst part about being in the NBA?
JH: The travel. You travel a lot. The West Coast trip is—whew—it’s brutal. That’s a six-hour flight back to LA.

MM: Hottest NBA dance squad?
JH: Probably Miami.

MM: That’s what Kenneth Faried said too.
JH: Yeah, probably Miami.

MM: What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given about women, and who gave it to you?
JH: My dad told me, “Just be friends with them. Because they’ll break your heart.” But I didn’t really follow that advice, ha.