When I was a young runner downtown my favorite thing to do was go to the parking garage at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. The CBOE and the CBOT garages were OK and they all had better cars than I did (I didn’t have one) but if you wanted to see the newest luxury cars you always went to the Merc. The main reason they were always nice is you had to have money to be able to afford to park down there. Normal traders either took the L, the train, or parked in a more affordable monthly rental. The big boys brought their rides downtown. I was in Chicago over the summer and noticed the cars are even nicer. It is pretty obvious why as the Merc went public and everyone who had a seat made millions. I was researching the effects of all the money and came across this great article. This is going to be the same story for the Chicago Board of Trade (already public) and the Chicago Board Options Exchange(coming soon) . Again the article is a great read. Photo courtesy of