No matter how it ebbs and flows culturally, making it to the stage on Saturday Night Live is the milestone of a lifetime for writers, actors and comedians. It’s a dream so crazy that you might just have to be crazy to think you’ll ever get there.

None of this was lost on Lin-Manuel Miranda, a nuyorican lyricist and performer from the hilly upper reaches of Washington Heights, Manhattan, as he prepped all week for his dynamite turn this week on the SNL stage. It was also a joy to watch unfold in his Twitter missives this week as he pulled long hours writing and rehearsing the show from 30 Rock.

And we learned a few of the Hamilton creator’s success secrets, largely from just one Tweet, like…

While most out-of-work actors might pick up a shift waiting tables and then piss away their tips at the nearest bar, Miranda was home on a Saturday night just seven years ago, writing the biggest hit in Broadway history.

Hard Work
Go to literally any cafe in Manhattan if you wanna hear waiters who have a killer screenplay *taps temple* “right up here.” Miranda’s genius was turning his nascent lyricism and the spirit of battle raps into a never-ending rehearsal.

There’s something almost charming about an even younger Miranda tweeting about his hard sell idea for a musical (a hip-hop musical about American history? Dafuq?)

He makes it look so easy that you might almost miss the fact that him adapting a lyrically complex musical rap verse with switching time signatures on live TV is easily one of the top two most technically taxing acting exercises ever performed on the SNL stage.

Miranda didn’t wait for the world to ask for a hip-hop musical about two warring NY politicians, nor did he plan on spitting rhymes 20 feet from a signed picture of Donald trump. But it’s kinda magical when it all lines up, isn’t it?

Now I kinda get why people fall in love with that stage. So for you dreamers out there: The weekend is coming and you have a decision to make: Do you wanna go out?

Or do you wanna send a tweet like this in seven years?