Need a good gift idea for the lady in your life? We got you!

A French firm just developed new technology that lets chicks train their vagina muscles in a fun and safe way, and it’s actually through something you may be a huge fan of… video games. The nifty little gadget is called Perifit S

The system consists of a sensor-packed silicon device that users insert into their hoo-has and contract their muscles around. The movements make a butterfly flap its wings, a bird soar through the air or a girl run through an obstacle course. So it’s just like the old Power Pad. Sort of.

The technology is designed to detect the force exerted when the users squeeze their pelvic floor muscles and will then transmit the information back to them using the accompanying app. Each level is focused on improving the specific fiber groups inside of the pelvic floor muscles, which is what needs to be targeted in order for the muscles to strengthen.

“Using the device and corresponding app is like putting a personal pelvic floor gym, coach, and tracking system at your fingertips,” claims the Kickstarter. “It’s available anytime.” The Perifit team worked with women’s health experts to design a series of games that would give users “the ultimate pelvic workout.”

So was there really a high-demand need for this bad boy other than for pure entertainment? More than one billion women in the world suffer from pelvic floor weakness, and although Kegels are recommended to fix the issue, many women tend to ignore the advice. Pelvic floor disorders occur when the ‘sling’ or ‘hammock’ that supports the pelvic organs becomes weak or damaged. This can be a result of childbirth, obesity, tasks that required heavy lifting—or it could even be genetic.

And don’t think those vag exercises are easy to perform, either. Many doctors will tell their patients that Kegels are the best way to strengthen their pelvic muscles, but not only are the exercises a pain, but they are difficult to perform correctly. That’s where Perifit S comes in.

It’s quite a nifty-looking tool, too. Actually, it looks a bit like a vibrator, but that’s not really shocking, is it? Inside of the silicon device are two sensors and at the bottom is an on/off button. The first sensor measures vertical contractions in the superficial (shallow) pelvic floor zone and the second measures horizontal contractions in the deep pelvic floor zone. The battery is replaceable, and you can choose from four different colors: light blue, pastel green, soft pink and space gray.

The team is seeking $21,873 in funds via a Kickstarter campaign—and have already raised nearly $60K. For making a $105 pledge, users will receive their choice of on Perifit S and access to the free app. The systems are set to ship in July 2017 to anywhere in the world. The tool (or should we say toy?) will reportedly cost $160.

Only one question remains: How long till she can play Call of Duty with her coochie?