“Zip it!” “No you Zip it” This is the conversation that need to happen between Kanye West and his publicist. I think over the top is great. I think intelligent people are interesting when they are outspoken. My problem with Kanye is he is millionaire that gets anything and says anything he wants and yet he feels oppressed. Muhammad Ali was outspoken but lived in a time when he was oppressed. As Jim Brown said ” Muhammed Ali didn’t go from being America’s most hated athlete to its most loved until he began to lose his ability to speak.” That’s because they know that speaking what’s on their mind at every second is not who you are it is who you were at that time. No doubt our most beloved celebrities tend to be the quietest. I am jealous of his money, talent, and even his good looks. What I am not jealous is his inability to use those is a positive manner. God and seatbelts saved his life from a car crash and what he gives back is a picture on Rolling Stone mocking Jesus Christ. We also find out such positive news in the same article that he is addicted to porn and has been for quite a while. Why is Kanye on a trading blog? He could be one of the richest men in the recording industry. Unfortunately he is battling himself when he pretends to be battling America. He respects no one. When asked about winning a Grammy for Golddigger he said it was going to be a “Gimme Grammy” His famous and most hilarious quote is this “My misery is your pleasure”. Most people in America would kill to have his misery. Kanye is a poet I just wish he’d quit opening his big mouth.