Most people don’t end up with hundreds of millions of YouTube video views by accident, and the musical and real-life duo of Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan, also known as Karmin, is no exception. After meeting at Boston’s Berklee College of Music, the couple blew up online playing expertly rendered covers a few years back.

A record deal and original music followed, and before they knew it, Heidemann was gracing Rolling Stone and the twosome had bona fide offline hits like “Acapella,” which went Gold in 2014. Thanks to a new album coming out this spring, a nationwide tour and a sexy lyric video where she sings and dances topless, it’s no wonder Heidemann picked up a prestigious She Rocks award at the recent NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) show.

We caught up with her to talk music, astrology and what it takes to date a woman who rocks.

“I don’t know if I have ever not had balls. Yes, women can have balls! You just have to imagine they are there!”

You got your start on You Tube. What would you say to anyone who aspires to get noticed there?
Establishing yourself on YouTube, you need consistency and unique qualities. Be yourself as much as you can. Find what makes you different and go towards that, versus staying away from it. That’s how you will separate yourself from the competition. And post on a regular basis so your audience will trust you!

What’s been your favorite gear that you have seen at NAMM?
It’s great to see what everyone in the booths are up to. We are a big fan of Kurzweil, we love Quilter Amps and we rock a Wunder Microphone in the studio. It’s so amazing to be a musician.

You are a ridiculously amazing rapper. What’s your best tip for someone who is learning to spit?
Coffee! A lot of caffeine! It’s hard to rap quickly, but I am from Nebraska and my mom was very strict with me and my addiction growing up. It definitely helps me. You also have to have a lot of soul, you can’t just rap flat. You have to have a lot of emotion behind it.

You are fearless in what you have tried with music. What does it take to be fearless?
I always say, I am not afraid of mistakes because they have been good to me. So, if you are not afraid to mess up, it’s a lot easier to be fearless. I don’t know if I have ever not had balls. Yes, women can have balls! You just have to imagine they are there!

How many instruments can you play?
I can play guitar, piano and kazoo.


What’s on your music bucket list to try next?
Our new album, Leo Rising, is coming out this year. It’s based on the zodiac—all the 12 songs are based on an astrological sign. We were inspired to do it after a visit to an astrologer. Blew my mind! Now that we are independent, we did a lot of experimenting. I can’t say there is anything we haven’t tried! We have songs on the album that are very acoustic, some that go pretty hard in the hip-hop world and we have stuff that rocks too. We really are fearless! Maybe it would be nice to work with someone who can play the sitar or something. That would be beautiful.

What’s your sign?
Taurus with Leo rising. A year ago, I didn’t even know what the rising sign meant!

You have a beauty blog. What’s a good way a guy can look styling for a date?
I have to say, my taste is for a guy not to clean up too much. I like a guy who has his organic flavor. Obviously, you want to be showered and brush your teeth±and all that stuff! But I really like someone less kept; I don’t want someone too clean. It scares me!

And since you are such a badass, how do guys get comfortable with the badass woman they are dating?Have patience. There are times when women feel bad for being so headstrong. But as strong as women are, they also need a man to support them.

How about if they want to approach a badass woman?!
A guy should definitely have a sense of humor. That’s the sexiest thing a guy can have. Because a badass girl like that works too hard, and she’s gotta laugh.

What do you want people to know about you?
You don’t know it yet, but we are your new favorite band! And we have an app that’s free, where you can download all our songs!