Attention, Spring Breakers! Be on the lookout for a sexy blonde actress from 30 Rock on a beach near you. Katrina Bowden, aka Cerie from your favorite Alec Baldwin-studded NBC comedy, is teaming up with Gillette to help get guys kissably smooth skin in Spring Break hotspots like Miami, Daytona Beach, Panama City and Vegas. We’ve got a full interview (and slideshow) with Katrina coming next month, but for now, enjoy this four-pack of questions.

“A lot of guys wear too much cologne, and it’s an immediate turnoff. And I don’t think guys should be wearing more accessories than a girl is. ”

MADE MAN: You’re down in Florida with Gillette to help kick off their Keep It Smooth Shaven (K.I.S.S.) Spring Break tour. Do you consider yourself a beach girl, and what’s your favorite beach?
I do consider myself a beach girl. I love the beach. My favorite beach is probably in Cabo. The water is crystal-clear and it’s just always sunny and warm. But I don’t care. Like, I’m a sucker for any beach. If it’s a beach and it’s sunny, I’ll take it, ha ha.

MM: You are probably best known as Cerie from 30 Rock. In what ways are you like her, and in what ways are you not?
I would say I’m most like Cerie in that I’m in my early 20s and I’m blonde. And that’s probably it. She’s kind of an airhead and she doesn’t really understand other people’s feelings, or that she’s insulting other people. And she has like no motivation to do anything with her life, and that’s just completely the opposite of me. I am very motivated and driven, and I like to think I’m not an airhead, ha ha. So, you know, it’s all acting.

“Works great on legs, too!”

MM: So what’s the gist of this K.I.S.S. campaign?
Gillette traveled the country to find out if women preferred a man who was clean-shaven or a man with stubble. And they found that eighty-five percent of women preferred to kiss a man who was clean-shaven. So we’re giving guys a chance to try out the Gillette Fusion ProGlide and potentially get luckier by the end of the night, ha ha.

MM: Other than keeping a smooth-shaven face, got any other dating tips for guys?
I think a lot of guys wear way too much cologne, and I don’t know any girl who likes that. I think it’s an immediate turnoff. You shouldn’t smell like you have some stuff on. And I don’t think guys should be wearing more accessories than a girl is. And I also think that you just need to be yourself, and a lot of people try too hard to be something else. It might work in the short-term, but if you’re looking for someone in the long-term, you need to be yourself.