That’s what the fine readers of Chickipedia say, anyway. In a Facebook poll last week, Chickpedia fans voted overwhelmingly in favor of the teenage dreamer over the S&M lover. (No word yet whether Al Michaels lobbied on her behalf.) Sorry Rihanna loyalists, but the people have spoken. And because we love our people, here’s a treat for you: a gallery of Katy Perry’s hottest photos, plus fun facts. Enjoy.

Perry initially launched her music career as a gospel singer.

Her first hit single, “I Kissed a Girl,” was reportedly inspired in part by Scarlett Johansson.

On Johansson: “She is a classic beauty. I love that 1940s pin-up look.”

Perry wasn’t allowed to watch MTV as a kid.

She’s actually close friends with Rihanna. Until now, anyway.

On Rihanna: “I pride myself on having cool chicks in my life, and she’s a cool chick.”

She has a cat named Kitty Purry.

Perry is the first female artist to have five hits crack the Billboard Hot 100 in a single year.

Perry married British comedian/legendary lothario Russell Brand late last year. Don’t blow it, mate. We are waiting in the wings…