Now that the weather is turning, music lovers will be flocking to outdoor concerts and festivals, some of the best—and sweatiest—experiences of the spring and summer. But just because the hot sun’s shining down on you and hundreds of concert goers eager to embrace their wild sides, that’s no excuse to slack on your grooming routine. After all, these events may be the best place to meet cool women. You’re in good spirits, you’re rocking out, and the indie band you both somehow “discovered” is an instant conversation starter. Here’s how to look and smell as fresh as possible for that gorgeous Gotye fan dancing next to you.

1. Ditch the sandals
Outdoor concerts tend to be a bit messy, especially if it’s been raining, so I suggest boots or sneakers—no flip-flops. We’ve all seen that guy traipsing through the fields with his broken sandals in his hands, exposing his bare feet to all kinds of dangerous things. Plus, your feet and toes will get grimy after about 10 seconds in flip-flops, so avoid the problem altogether with proper footwear.

Take it from me, girls won’t want to dance anywhere near a guy who is burning or peeling.

2. Shield against the sun
Everybody wants a tan, so some guys are tempted to skip the sunscreen and say things like, “I’m working on my base” or “No matter how burned I get, this will turn into a good tan in five to seven days.” Take it from me, girls won’t want to dance anywhere near a guy who is burning or peeling. Instead, start out with a nickel-sized amount of sunscreen, rub it vigorously in your hands, then apply it to your face, ears, shoulders, arms and legs.

3. Go with rock star hair
No getting around it—a concert can do a number on your coif. Chances are, you won’t emerge from the crowd with your perfect end look intact, but that’s OK. There are a couple things you can do to keep your hair soft and touchable, despite the conditions. First, since you’ll be out in the heat and humidity, opt for a light product (cream or paste) to avoid thick product residue dropping down your forehead. Second, go for one of three concert-approved looks: “just-out-of-bed,” casual side-part, or slicked back, again going light on the product. These loose and unstructured looks show that you didn’t spend a lot of time getting ready. And when it comes to a fun, crazy, let-your-hair-down rock show, you really shouldn’t be.