If you’ve ever been blocked from content on the Internet, and felt a surge of frustration because of it, or if you’ve ever contemplated clickbait headlines on your Facebook feed at the office, but feared someone would find out what you’re really doing at work, you should probably check out the Keezel.

This pocket-sized device is actually a worldwide server that connects to any Wi-Fi network and creates a secured VPN just for you. Keezel protects your privacy and security online, in coffee shops, hotels, airports, at work and at home. It encrypts your connection on any and all connected devices without having to install anything, so you can then browse any website, YouTube video, TV show or port game that was previously unavailable to you, from all over the world. And everyone else is blocked from seeing what you’re doing, creep. Plus, Keezel has a powerful battery life that’s about a whopping three times the capacity of your iPhone 6. You can even use it to charge your phone if need be.

The Keezel goes for $89 with a one year $60 service fee. After the campaign, Keezel premium services will retail for $5 per month but, even without it all, you can still browse with limited speed and locations. Translation: You can continue watching weird Bulgarian TV, and no one will be the wiser.

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