There’s more to going on vacation than just lounging by the pool all day. While it has its merits, isn’t it preferable to take your repose while you watch others – gladiators of the modern day – join figurative battle on the highest circles of athletic competition? We thought so. That’s where Kensington Tours comes in.

It’s called their Championship Series, and it’s a collection of VIP packages to the most legendary tournaments in sport including the Golf Masters, Tennis at Wimbledon, The Monaco Grand Prix, Kentucky Derby, Super Bowl, Ryder Cup and more. The ultimate sport-lover’s series of trips, the Championship Series grants access to the sporting events that most people don’t even realize that they can get into if they aren’t a celebrity or millionaire.

Championship Series’ packages include extravagances like helicopter transfers, champagne toasts, police escorts, rounds of golf on the world’s most desirable courses, VIP hospitalities, Ferrari driving and tours showcasing the host city. For the jet-setters out there looking to take part, Kensington can customize the experience to include upgrades like private boxes, tickets for Millionaires Row, limos, private jets, behind the scenes access and even interaction with professional athletes can be arranged.

Packages range in price between $4,000 and $14,000 per person, and are either 4 or 5 days long.