Ride Along 2 hits theaters this Friday, and we’ve got encouraging news for all you Kevin Hart and/or Ride Along fans: The new flick delivers. We can say this with 100 percent confidence because we attended a preview screening last week, and, without giving too much away, we can report that the flashy sequel is a fun, fun ride. It’ll have you laughing, assuming you have a sense of humor and you enjoy male-thong jokes.

Ice Cube is back as a grumpy Atlanta police detective. Kevin Hart is now a rookie cop. Tika Sumpter returns, rocking a very unofficial (and small) police uniform. And they’ve added Ken Jeong (for comedic effect), Olivia Munn (for sultry effect) and Benjamin Bratt (for surprisingly solid bad guy effect). Oh, and most of the film takes place in Miami—where, as Hart’s character explains, if linen is wrong, he doesn’t want to be right. It’s got all the car chases, shootouts, wisecracks, gross-outs, comedic humiliations, explosions and bikini-ed hotties you could want.

In fact, it might even be historically good. Which got us thinking: What are Kevin Hart’s five favorite cop films of all time? Here’s what the omnipresent actor and comedian told us (and only us!) recently. Some of the picks may surprise you… and OK, some of them may not.

1. Beverly Hills Cop (1984)
“I’m a huge Eddie Murphy fan. I put him on a pedestal all by himself. Boomerang is my favorite movie of all time. I loved 48 Hrs. too. But even though he was the star of Beverly Hills Cop, it was almost like a trio, like a buddy cop trio, between him, Judge Reinhold and the guy who played Taggart [John Ashton].”

2. Lethal Weapon (1987)
Lethal Weapon is one of the originators, man. What they did with that movie is pretty much own that buddy cop comedy tandem, you know? The relationship between Riggs and Murtaugh was so unique, genuinely grounded to perfection. You believe that these guys were not only friends and partners, but also that they were there for each other in any way, shape or form. They set the tone and the template for how far you could actually go with these things and how high the stakes could be raised. And we’re all fortunate to have seen them do what they did and kind of follow a trend of success that they put down for us.”

3. Bad Boys (1995)
Bad Boys was one of the greatest combinations ever, with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. What they did and the success that movie had was kind of unreal. [Director] Michael Bay did a great job. They took that action to another level. They made that movie cool, and doing it in Miami made you want to be in Miami. It made you want to see what that city was about. Which is ultimately what happens with these movies. You know, you kind of set a trend with them, and you make the area that you film them in just as cool as the movie.”

4. Rush Hour (1998)
“Chris Tucker in Rush Hour—that’s probably one of the funniest performances ever. It’s one of his funniest movies. That’s another tandem that goes down in history as one of the best to do it. [Tucker and Jackie Chan] came out with a bang, and that movie not only worked domestically, but it worked internationally as well.”

5. Sicario (2015)
“I’m a comedy freak, man. I love stand-up comedy. I love comedy films. I love to laugh. But one non-comedy movie I saw recently was Sicario, with Emily Blunt and Benicio Del Toro. Sicario was amazing. That’s one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. It shows what that undercover FBI agent world is about. They did a great job. It’s unbelievable.”

Ride Along 2 opens this weekend. Here’s the trailer…