Kevin Rose better get a new source inside Apple. His “scoop” on the iPhone will go down in history as one of the worst of all times. The two batteries and the slide out keyboard? $299 and released on all carriers? Are you kidding me? Not even close. I know he said it was really here and might be touchscreen but I could have told you that.

In my opinion Kevin has lost all credibility when it comes to advanced information on Apple products. Yes, he might be able to tell you if it’s coming but he won’t be able to tell you anything about it. This is no way means he is not an intelligent tech guy and again by no means discredits what he’s done with Digg. It just means he needs to concentrate on building Digg and leave the guessing up to the users. He is supposed to be the God of Digg and he ended up looking like a blogger wanna be (yes like me)

Why did he do it? He certainly doesn’t need any more attention as his every poop is logged as a story on Digg. In the tech world there is no better role than the person who has the first info on a new Apple product. The only people that seem to be consistently on is ThinkSecret. They aren’t always perfect but they are closer than anyone. Kevin wanted to be this guy. He’ll never get that chance again.