Fonde ravioli maker

So you’re doing the thing where you’ve decided to cook for a woman because you’re trying to impress her. This always ends in disaster—not because you don’t know how to cook—but because you always aim too high. You go for the rack of lamb instead of the easier roasted chicken. You opt for homemade pasta and sauce instead of just buying it from a specialty market. Ultimately, you spend the majority of the evening in the kitchen, sweating and fanning flames and/or smoke, while your date sits in the living room, quietly sipping Chardonnay and wondering if this is what life is always going to be like with you.

Luckily for you, the guy behind Repast Supply Co. decided to create a tool that will help you achieve your culinary ambitions the easy way. The Fonde Rolling Pin ($99) allows you to create picture-perfect ravioli out of a ball of dough in seconds. Handmade out of your choice of maple, cherry or walnut wood, this thing will help you win big on your next 100 “hey-let-me-cook-for-you” dates.

Check out the Fonde on Kickstarter.

Fonde ravioli rolling pin