By now you may have heard about the toddler at the Lego expo in Ningbo, China, who pushed over and destroyed a $15,000 human-sized Zootopia figure less than an hour after it was unveiled. The figure, of a fox character named Nick, took an artist calling himself “Mr. Zhao” three days to build—and is now just a pile of plastic rubble.

We imagine there will be loads of handwringing about lax parenting and the resulting carnage. But come on, it’s kind of awesome, right? The way we see it, this kid has made a powerful statement against consumerism, an outcry against a Disney film that has raked in nearly $1 billion worldwide—and who knows how much more in merchandising.

Much like Paul Newman taking out parking meters in Cool Hand Luke, this pint-sized rebel has no patience for authority, people telling him what he can and can’t touch. There’s no video of the “crime,” but we can just picture him in a little leather jacket and sunglasses, ducking under the ropes and dispatching with “Nick” before speeding off on a murdered-out tricycle. Atta kid.