A pair of Disney’s High School Musical 2 themed underwear is causing a bit of commotion after a very observant parent noticed the pair of panties say ‘Dive in!‘ on them.

Big mistake, Disney.

The Mickey brand has really been dropping the ball lately. After doing a crappy job handling the big publicity that the Miley Cyrus naked in Vanity Fair controversy brought on, then star of HSM2 Vanessa Hudgens’ private naked pictures “got out”, and now they’re getting a little lax with the copy writing on some of their more intimate apparel. What’s the deal?

I was waiting to hear some awkward press release of public denial from Disney corporation on this flub, but it turns out they’re keeping it pretty basic:

“Unfortunately, an oversight was made and the text on the underwear was used out context,” Disney said in a statement. “This product will not be part of any forthcoming collections and the remaining product has been removed from shelves.”

This is basically saying, ‘How dare anyone use this text out of context, you perverts!

Not a bad call. I would have just played it off as an Olympic spirit-themed joke. haha, no? Anyone else feel grossed out that there needs to be smarter people designing little kids underwear?

Reuters: Disney Says No To Musical Panties, August 18, 2008