Last month we introduced our hot new fitness expert, Jennifer Nicole Lee, who supplied some hard and fast tips for stepping on the road toward a better physique. Now we’re digging a little deeper. Every body is different, which is why different types of regimens work for different types of people. More details below the sweet photo.

March 2011: Your Goals, Your Workouts
Hello Made Man fitness fanatics! It’s your super fitness model mama here with another jolt of JNL to keep you moving and grooving toward your fitness goals! And designing your workout routine really does depend on those. Below are three basic, not-rocket-science approaches, depending whether you need to drop pounds, maintain an already-fit physique, or bulk up those beach muscles.


1. Shed Weight Fast
Looking to lose 10 or more pounds of fat? Need to go from soft flab to rock hard abs? Then this is for you! Aim to train five times per week, one hour per session, with a blend of split weight training (three days) and fat-blasting cardio (two days). For example, you can hit lower body Monday, upper body Wednesday, and lower body again Friday. Switch the order the following week to hit upper body twice. Then do 30 to 45 minutes of hard cardio and 15 minutes of abs on the Tuesday and Thursday slots. Itching to ramp it up? Add a full-body workout on Saturdays. Just make sure to keep Sundays (or the day of your choice) clear. Scheduling in a day of rest will not only keep you sane; it also allows your body to rest and recover, rebuilding the muscle mass and allowing it to grow.


2. Sharpen a Fit Physique
If you are a reasonably fit fellow who wants total body fitness, it’s all about maintaining. So make sure you train three to four times per week. One workout session should be an overall body toner, perhaps a circuit where you hit major muscle groups (biceps, triceps, chest, back, quads, hamstrings, calves) with high reps (10-12 per set) and low weight. Another workout should involve high-intensity cardio and hard-core abs moves. The other two days will be an upper-body blast and lower-body burn. Just relax or play recreational sports on your off days, and you’ll dial in your muscle tone without running the risk of overtraining.


3. Supersize Beach Muscles
Got muscle (like my workout top above) and just want to add to it? Focus on heavier weights and fewer reps (6-8 per set rather than 10-12). Get a spotter to also help you with those “forced reps,” the ones at the end of a set that you can’t squeeze out by yourself but make all the difference. Of course, the upper body is always the focal point of a great shirtless physique, so emphasize pecs, shoulders, biceps, and triceps. Cardio is less important here, but what is key is protein. Aim for 1 to 1.5 grams per pound of bodyweight a day using weight gainer shakes and lean sources like fish, chicken and turkey.
So, pick a category, name it and claim it! Your fitness dreams are waiting for you to make them come true! Then check back next month, when I’ll tell you how to make a delicious yet healthy three-course meal for you and your fit hottie.



(Jennifer Nicole Lee’s most recent book, The Jennifer Nicole Lee Fitness Model Diet, is chock full of priceless health and wellness information. For more, visit