If you’ve been spending a lot of time in the kitchen like we have, you’ve probably already realized that you need some ‘stuff’ in your food prep domain. Like electronic stuff. There are some things that are essentials and everyone has them — things like mixers, crock pots, toaster ovens. But what we’re talking about are the genius inventions that many guys haven’t yet latched on to. Gadgets that will make your kitchen life way easier and infinitely more chill. Check out this list and go purchase them today. Or at least put them on your Christmas List.

Food Processor

These things are bulky, but they were designed by some sort of food God. They can do like a million things, but the main idea is chopping and shredding stuff that would take you forever to do by hand. And it does this within seconds. They still have some manually-driven devices, but the point is to take the work out of it, right? Get the electric food processor and see how your life changes. These things look like the old juicers from the early 80’s. Don’t remember those? They were these round contraptions that you shoved fruits or veggies into and it would squeeze the juice out of them. The food processor is similar in idea, except what you put in, you can choose what you want it to come out as depending on the blade you attach inside.

If you want to slice some veggies, it’s done in seconds. You can puree fruits, dice nuts and fruits, or whatever else you want to dice. You can shred lettuce or grate cheese. You get the point. It’s a machine that does the chopping up work for you and does the job even better than you would have. Gotta’ get one.

Industrial Blender

We say industrial blender here because many blenders out there will not quite get the job done. Sure, they may blend up a decent protein shake, but if you want to make a smoothie or frozen margarita for when the ladies come over, it will never properly turn the ice to slush. A heavy duty blender will grind ice to whatever size you want it — chipped, chopped, slushed — and blend in the other ingredients as well. These blenders also have some great speed options instead of just two or three settings like the cheap machines do.

Also look for options in the pitcher size. Some of these blenders will come with a large ‘jug’ or pitcher, but you may need one that holds even more for when you are hosting a party of thirsty people. Or you may just need a small one because you are a shut-in and spend your evenings making yourself strawberry daiquiris. The point is, some of these blenders have options, so get the one that works for your kitchen needs.

Gas powered blender. from Nicholas Kaye on Vimeo.

Mounted DVD/CD Player

This, to us, is the most important gadget you can get for your kitchen. These DVD/CD combos also come cable TV ready and most of them have radios as well. Don’t have the counter space to spare? Perfect. Most of these are designed to mount underneath a cabinet so no space is taken. The DVD screen then swivels and flips down for easy viewing. You now can have your tunes, the radio, or TV on in the background while you prepare yourself a man feast.

Our preference is to pop in a DVD that we’ve seen a million times, because we already know the visuals and if we have to look away while we blanch the asparagus (whatever the hell that means), we aren’t missing anything. Having our favorite DVD friend in the slot helps the time go by quickly and doesn’t make us feel like we’re actually doing any work. And that makes this gadget downright awesome.

Electric Knife

This is a little-used gadget in the kitchen and we have no idea why. Slicing through tomatoes might be an easy task, but when you start dicing up other things by hand, it starts to become a pain in the caboose. An electric knife won’t actually do every thing for you, but it takes half of the effort out of the cutting process. This especially works when cutting through meats or harder fruits and vegetables.

The knife plugs in and the blade vibrates, as well as moves back-and-forth quickly, so all you have to do it press it down on the piece of food you want to chop to bits. The movement will cause the knife to rip through the item without you having to press down too hard or see-saw the blade back and forth while trying to sneak a peak at your DVD playing under the cabinet. That could be the makings for a missing finger.

Rice Cooker

This thing rocks. You probably don’t make rice that often — even the instant rice — because it just seems like too much work. And it is a lot of work. The rice cooker can make you a ton of rice in under 20 minutes and all you have to do is take 30 seconds to pour the rice and water inside. Oh, and push a button. That’ll take about two seconds. Like many of these other gadgets, this comes in different sizes, but the most common one is about the size of a crock pot.

Note that these things can really vary in price and much of it has to do with the size. We don’t imagine you need one of the barrel-sized ones that restaurants use. If you do, you might have some sort of rice fetish to be concerned about. A basic-sized one will work fine for your needs. We’ve heard you can cook other things in the rice cooker like veggies and pasta, but look into that before you attempt it. These cookers function based on the weight of the rice with the amount of water that is poured in. Yeah. It’s smart like that.

Electric Skillet

Whether you have a stove top to cook on or not, the electric skillet is a great addition to your kitchen ensemble. If you find yourself making a huge meal for a group of people, you will need all the burners you can get and an electric skillet is not only mobile, but they usually have more surface space than a lot of other skillets. On the other hand, you may just want to crank out an omelette for yourself or flip a burger or two. This skillet can do that and you won’t have to worry about washing a regular skillet and then wiping down the stove, too.

Most of these come with lids which are great for speeding up the cooking process by trapping more of the heat inside the skillet. Shop around for the size that you need — some are gigantic, wok-sized skillets and others are more manageable. The choice is yours.