When you take your iPad 2 on the road, you need something to prop it up. Ideally this “something” also protects your tablet and looks super stylish. Combining soft nappa leather with tough molded plastic and perfectly matching form and function: the iPad 2 Folio ($80) from Knomo London.

The leather-coated plastic frame clamps firmly onto the back of your iPad, while the all-leather front features a magnet to keep the flap closed. The cover handily puts the tablet into sleep mode when closed and wakes it up again when opened.

Folding the flap backward allows you to stand your iPad 2 up two different ways. First, you can angle the device slightly for easy browsing and email. Second, you can stand it almost all the way upright for presentations or, you know, watching the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy on a really, really long flight.

Perhaps the most attractive feature is the tracker tag. Lose sight of your tablet? It’ll help you locate your beloved device… and the best-looking iPad 2 cover money can buy. Get it in black or tan here.