These days everybody’s flipping out over the Flip, the pocket-sized HD camcorder allowing people the world over to utilize high definition video on toddlers getting high and cats playing the keys. Whatever you use it for, this is a must have if you’re attempting to keep up with popular technology. Everybody is going to own one. 

Except you. Because we’ve found something better that’s not even on the shelves yet. The Kodak Zi8, out next month, is the way you’re gonna want to go in mini HD camcorders. First off, the Zi8 has an SDHC card slot for convenient removable storage, which the Flip lacks. It’s also got an external microphone jack, so you’ll have clearer audio when secretly recording a villain’s confession to handily use against him at the last minute. Upload easily to YouTube or Facebook with the swing-out USB arm and become the next big thing on the Intrawebs.

Maybe most impressively, the Zi8 costs the same as a Flip ($180) but crushes its 720p with a whopping 1080p. That’s a lot of p (that’s what she said?). And with its built-in electronic image stabilization, you could strap this thing to your ferret’s head and it will look like Scorsese shot it. In fact, that might actually be his new technique.