Short men: Your height isn’t a strike against your date-ability; it’s actually an asset in many ways. Short guys bring somethin’ special to the table in ways tall guys just, well, fall short. Here’s what she gains by dating a dude who comes up to her shoulders.

1. A lower risk of divorce: Research shows short men are 32 percent less likely to divorce and they have more stable marriages overall. On average, they do get married later but, when they finally do tie the knot, they’re in it for the long haul.

2. A partner who earns more than her: Short guys earn higher incomes than their spouses. She may not be a gold digger, but who wouldn’t enjoy a partner who brings home the bacon?

3. More time with you: Short men have longer lifespans and are less likely to get cancer. She will still probably outlive you because women usually do, but she’ll get to enjoy an extra year or two.

4. Your clothes will fit her better: Let’s be real—a boyfriend’s clothes are just better than anything she’s got in her closet. The comfort is unreal (plus there’s that faint fragrance of you). Borrowing clothes from tall boyfriends means drowning in extra fabric. Your clothes allow her to snuggle up while still looking good.

5. Cuddling is easier: Taller men just take up more space on the couch, and getting the right spooning angle is a struggle.

6. You live more in the present: Check out this mind-blowing neuroscientist theory that tall people just live more in the past.

Photo: Getty Images/Tom Merton