Stocks falling, gas prices rising, foreclosures increasing, and now French breasts are getting covered up? What gives?

French beach-goers, the inventors of the sunbathing phrase au naturale, are reported to be staying on the modest side these days as a direct result of the rough economic climate.

According to an ‘expert’ on the subject in Friday’s edition of the British Daily Mail newspaper, although French women usually avoid any unsightly bikini tan lines at the beach, the economic downturn has, in part, caused women to adopt a more modest approach to sunbathing. But why?

In the expert Guy Fournier’s own words:


“Bare breasts are viewed as a totally natural state on the beach,” Fournier said.

“But public morality follows people’s confidence and optimism in their wealth and lifestyle.”

“During an economic downturn, women are less inclined to let it all hang out and more likely to cover up.”

Certainly bad news for any of you out there taking a much needed holiday at the sunny beaches of Southern France in the coming weeks. Looks like that trip to Nice won’t be so ‘nice’ after all! High-oh!

But for all you Wall Streeters out there, don’t worry. I’m sure the syringe-riddled beaches of Sandy Hook, NJ will offer the same level of comparable ‘talent‘.

Alas, if only bombshell French news anchor, Melissa Theuriau, would explain to the people now is not a time to panic.

UPI: Beach goers in France going topless less, August 9, 2008 via DealBreaker