Boy that Lady Gaga sure has a set of pipes, ay? America’s biggest live television event is also the one game non-sportsy types watch. Thus, the Super Bowl ads have to be top notch. At about $5 million for 30 seconds and that many eyeballs, they gotta have a real zippy number.


And, instead of going for some cutting edge dadvertising this year, many companies focused on making a statement. To follow are some of the most controversial commercials and heartwarming ads this year.

People freaked out at this Coca-Cola ad, in which Americans sing “America the Beautiful” in English, Spanish, Keres, Tagalog, Hindi, Senegalese, French and Hebrew. Some say it’s commentary on Trump. But those #boycottcocacola loons on Twitter should know that the ad itself has been around since 2014.

There was even a swing at the Mexican border wall by 84 Lumber (wait, who?). The first minute of what is basically a short film, and has like only 15 total pieces of wood in it, aired during the game. The rumor is that Fox only let them air the first minute, but have you ever heard of a five-minute Super Bowl ad? They later tweeted that it’s “a mother & daughter’s symbolic journey toward becoming legal American citizens.” Oh, okay. I thought they were really gonna make a door that big.

Meanwhile Avocados from Mexico made an ad using no Spanish to tell you to eat avocados. Everyone in the ad looked like they didn’t score that sweet role on The Office and never got over it. I guess it’s one thing to show solidarity and another to have to figure out how to deal with all of these truckloads of avocados. Don’t worry guys. No one likes Florida Avocados.

This Audi ad really won over the coveted “my girlfriend is watching sports” demo with this bit of dadvertising. It had a fun soapbox derby and a plucky little girl racing the boys. Fun to watch. No, honey, we’re not getting an Audi now.

Speaking of things that got my girlfriend psyched: Hulu’s dystopian Handmaid’s Tale looks dope.

I’ll give Nintendo this: While other gaming systems seem to market only to chronic masturbators, these guys have always done really well in their niche of “fun for the whole family.” You can give your mom any nintendo controller ever made and she could chase you around in Mario Cart. They also do the Apple/Nike thing in this ad following the “show don’t tell” rule. Nothing about graphics or framerates or battery life. Just showing you how you can, for example, use Nintendo standing up outside. Looks solid.

Melissa McCarthy is having a great weekend. First, she nailed it on SNL as Sean Spicer. Now, she’s on the game today playing both sides of the team in an ad that even Exxon execs could titter at.

Meanwhile for people who might be sick of seeing Tom Brady, Brett Favre is back with an ad that looks like it was dreamed up exactly how it rolls out: Favre dreams about intercepted passes and goes crazy in retirement. Funny stuff! Except for how CTE slowly drives all football players mad.

Cam Newton and Miranda Kerr had some fun with this simple job with a nice slapstick finish.

Okay, alright. I didn’t think Alfa Romeo went out of business but they are one of those brands that seems to only exist in the past. Classic sports cars. But this zippy little number looks like the kind your friend’s rich prick father might let you drive when you’re staying at his beach house.

And John Malkovich’s relatable struggles with purchasing his name as a domain rounded out the tension of the whole show.