That’s right. The fastest, sleekest pasta rockets on the planet – the name synonymous with speed-blurred, sport-luxury, is rolling (literally) out, ever so slowly, a line of tractors. Tractors. Is that cool? Yeah, it is, now.

So, why? Lamborghini answers:

Professionals choose Lamborghini tractors for two basic reasons: its advanced technology and the good looks assured by its elegant and exclusive styling. Whether you’re guided by rational or emotional considerations, in the end it makes little difference!

Typical Italian bravado! We love it. The tractors come in three different trims: the R2, the R3.EVO, and the R7.210.   The price is TBA, but if you’re buying a Lamborghini tractor, it probably doesn’t matter, does it. Vroom vroom! [Buy it]