Your dad is out by the grill in his Saturday uniform—cargo shorts, white New Balance tennis shoes, crew socks and perhaps a jaunty hat. He’s checked all the boxes.

Meanwhile, you’ve probably invested some money and energy into avoiding the dad style, even if you are a dad yourself. Well, what if we told you that it’s time to take a page out of your dad’s book?

Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting you put on cargo shorts. Never cargo shorts. But here are four fatherly fashion choices that are, surprisingly, kinda sorta back.

1. The Hawaiian shirt
What once was reserved for dads on Carnival cruises is now considered fashionable. These lightweight, frond-covered button-ups are all the rage. And although they first showed up on the runways back in 2016, you can thank Harry Styles for making the tiki shirt mainstream. And in the humble opinions of women everywhere, the more you look like Harry Styles, the better.

2. White sneakers
Leave the puffy New Balance version in your dad’s closet, but a pair of slim, low-top white sneakers go with anything and will give your vibe an updated look. They’re especially great for spring and summer because they go with lighter colors. If you’re wondering what brand to choose for your white kicks, Vans and Converse are both classics that won’t steer you wrong.

3. Dad hats
Last year, rappers and celebrities started wearing plain worn-in baseball caps with curved bills; the “dad hat” trend was born. Despite being a controversial look, with strong opinions on both sides of the aisle, these hats don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. High-end fashion labels like Balenciaga featured them on the runways during fashion week this year. So steal your dad’s original for extra dad-ness or pick up a knock-off at Urban Outfitters. Either way, the dad hat is still going strong.

4. Light denim
For a long time it was all about dark denim, and only your dad would be caught in light colored jeans—probably while out mowing the lawn. And while dark is still a classic staple, light denim is having a moment. Lighter jeans are a great option for the warmer summer months. Try rolling up the hems a bit for a cropped beachy look.

Photo: iStock/IvonneW