Laptop makers (in particular Dell) are streamlining their laptops to be more in line with the Sony Vaio line of high-end, stylized laptops. Consumers, they’re betting, don’t just want a boxy computer that performs well, it needs to look good in their fashion-forward bike messenger bag as well.

Dell’s most recent tease is for the new iteration of the Adamo line, originally designed to compete with the Macbook Air. And, as Gizmodo said, it looks like this new version could cut an Air in half. It almost looks like they had to widen the body near the rear to put in USB ports. There’s no details on the guts or the pricing of it as yet, though.

Similarly, Vaio isn’t taking the competition laying down. They’ve unveiled the world’s lightest laptop, the Sony Vaio X. And, astonishingly for the Vaio line, it’s a relatively affordable $1,300. This recession is finally workin’ out, man. And, they’re not skimping on technology either. The battery life is 14 hours with the default settings, includes GPS functionality, and weighs only 1.6 pounds.