Halloween is fast approaching, and while the enthusiastic among us have been planning their costumes since November of last year, even more of us are just going to wing it at the eleventh hour. If you fall into the latter category, here are a few ideas to help you throw together a quick but clever last-minute Halloween costume.



Don’t overthink it. It’s simple and cliché, which means at a party, you can easily play it off as cool and ironic.


Guy Who Passed Out Too Early

Stand in front of a mirror and go crazy on yourself with a Sharpie. Glue a few empty beer cans to your shirt for added effect. This may be one of the few times you voluntarily take a marker to your face. Have fun with it.


Forgetful Superman

Don a button-down shirt, tie, a pair of slacks and some thick-rimmed glasses. Give yourself a Clark Kent curl if you really want to go the full mile. Leave your shirt unbuttoned as though you’ve recently ripped it open while running to stop a robbery, but have a plain white shirt underneath instead of a Superman outfit. Oops.



Glue a piece of bread to your chest and another to your back. Throw some tomato and lettuce in there for good measure. Avoid dogs.


The Jim Halpert Special

Each year on The Office, Jim Halpert comes up with a lazy but clever costume just minutes before he needs it. Prime examples: Three hole punch Jim and Facebook. Try one of those. You’ll get compliments from Office fans, and you’ll look as nonchalant as Mr. Halpert himself.

Serial Killer

Just wear your normal clothes. Because as we all know, anyone could be a serial killer.



All it takes is toilet paper and a few pieces of packing tape. Use gauze if you want to get fancy, but the point here is really to make fun of the traditional mummy costume, similar to the sheet ghost.



Get a white t-shirt and look up a few Sudoku puzzles online. Use a Sharpie to draw the puzzles on your shirt. Tie the Sharpie to a belt loop and let people try to solve the puzzles throughout the night. Great conversation starter, and you might even find a girl who really, really likes Sudoku.


The One-Percent

Current events special! Dress in some fine-looking duds (a suit will do) and act entitled all night. You’re aiming to be an over-the-top caricature of rich people, so don’t be afraid to exaggerate. If you have a cane and top hat, even better. This is best done with at least one other person, so you don’t just look like a douche.



Do we really need to explain this one? Sheer brilliance.