Gone are the days when the stack of boxes in the living room was the only barometer for your holiday merriment. Now, you give and receive presents that are more poignant than a Zoid (though, at the time, how awesome were those?!). When getting a gift for your friend, brother, or if you’re feeling particularly generous, yourself, consider these smallish items as stocking stuffers or garnish to the main course of our holiday gift giving.

The Gentleman’s Deck

With 50 maxims, tips, pieces of advice, and pearls of wisdom, The Gentleman’s Deck is a comforting, tactile reminder that civility isn’t something you can Google. It’s something you act out in the real world, and now, something you can keep in your pocket.

Zirh Shaving Cream

Depending on your degree of beardiness, you probably shave more days than you don’t. You bought a nice mattress because that’s where you sleep most nights. You drive a nice car because you have to be in it most days. Why not treat your mug with the same sort of respect? We recommend Zirh’s shaving cream.

Jimmy the Bartender App

Until the Made Man app comes out, we suppose it’s alright if you use our lads-in-arms’ app, Jimmy the Bartender. It has drink recipes and advice (like a real ‘tender), but without the career alcoholism and tipping. We suggest an iTunes gift card as opposed to stealing your buddy’s phone and installing it.


Explore the moral middle ground with the “right or wrong” Table Topics edition. Consider “If a friend asked you to lie on a job recommendation would you do it?” Ask yourself “what is the hardest part of being virtuous.” Spark a debate, learn something about your friends….and there’s also probably a drinking game in there somewhere.

Toasts and Tributes

One of the hardest parts about being a man is being a Best Man. One of the reasons for this is the toast. It’s an artform which calls on you to summarily, hilariously, and accurately describe a lifetime of experiences. This book does it for you, and offers a window into this fading art.