Apps serves many purposes, but they’re most useful when entertaining us in otherwise boring situations. And with thousands of independent developers churning out new apps everyday, there’s no shortage of entertainment. To help you sort through it all, we’ve pulled together several of the funniest apps available in the App Store. Download them and enjoy.


Funny videos and hilarious picture galleries. What more do you need? The Break app pulls content from, delivering plenty of fresh material each day.


Someecards has become synonymous with Internet humor. Now the site’s growing collection of weird, raunchy and completely relatable humor can live on your phone for easy access any time.

Cat Effects

Sometimes the funniest things are the simplest. Or the strangest. Cat Effects falls into both categories, allowing users to insert cat cutouts into any picture or image on a phone. Need we say more?


Because obesity is funny. Period.

Damn You Autocorrect

You’ve seen DYAC messages on Facebook, Reddit, Buzzfeed and every other popular Internet destination. Now get them on your phone. Where they belong.

Pocket God

For more hands-on hilarity, check out Pocket God. The premise is simple: you control an island full of little androgynous people and submit them to your every sadistic whim. Alternatively, you can just let them live their lives. Where’s the fun in that, though? Cue the lava rain.

Meme Generator

What would the Internet be without memes? A sad, humorless place. The Meme Generator app lets you construct and upload memes on the go using popular templates, so you can contribute to the endless stream of Foul Bachelor Frogs and Forever Aloners from anywhere.