Say what you want about MTV these days, but there’s no doubt their execs are pretty damn good at identifying talent. Take, for example, Wild N’ Out vet Lauren “LoLo” Wood. As her nearly 800,000 Instagram followers can attest, this Texas-born bombshell is about as, ahem, talented as they come. Don’t believe us? Keep scrolling…

1. Not only is her face a solid 10… but that body is, too.

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2. She can rock a one-piece like it’s her main j-o-b.

3. We’d love to share a fact here, but this shot leaves us speechless.

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4. Dang! That booty, though.

5. Hair-wise, Lauren can pull off cute and curly.

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6. And bangin’ hot blonde.

7. She can also rock the Bambi pose.

8. And put the bum in beach bum.

9. She cleans up pretty nice too.

10. See what we mean?

11. Oh, and for the curious, here’s the rest of that lead photo. Seriously now, what’s not to like?