In the warm glow of the spring sunshine, new hope arises… and with it, grass that grows like Kanye’s faith in pre-ripped denim, leaving us with the hassle of mowing the lawn. However, this dreaded task doesn’t have to be all bad. Because thankfully, thirst-slaking seasonal brews appear to relieve your blade-cutting blues.

The phrase “lawnmower beer” may not be that common, but the notion of a post-mow libation hearkens far back to suburban days of old, when the men of the neighborhood would crack open a light beer and relax while gazing over the fruits of their labor. I can still picture my father doing just that with a cold can of Coors Light in his hands.

And to this day, a lighter beer with a crisp, refreshing quality is ideal during and after this activity. As the craft beer industry continues to grow, there are plenty of choices on the market. After an exhaustive review, here are our favorites.

caldera-lawnmower-lagerCaldera Brewing Lawnmower Lager
How can you not put a beer with the name Lawnmower Lager on this list? This light American lager delivers a pleasant balance of malt and hops. And with a relatively low ABV of 3.9 percent, you can enjoy more of them while you marvel at your fresh-cut grass.

tallgrass-halcyon-wheatTallgrass Brewing Co. Halcyon Wheat
The word “halcyon” references a time that was peaceful and happy, and there is no more happy a time than sitting on your back deck and enjoying this summer seasonal. Brewed with real American Kansas wheat and finished late in the process with Citra Hops, this beer is bursting with tropical fruit flavors and a clean, refreshing taste.

11081062_813245055433879_7190713330163768167_nAsheville Brewing Co. Rocket Girl
Kolsch beer is the style of the summer for beer-mad Germans. Since we do most of our mowing in the spring and summer months, we felt compelled to include a kolsch, and Asheville Brewing Company’s Rocket Girl does not disappoint. A cross between an ale and a lager that is fermented with kolsch yeast, this beer offers a smile-inducing end to a day of yardwork… not unlike the foxy female who adorns the label.

lagunitas-day-timeLagunitas Brewing Co. Day Time
Mowing the lawn in the hot sun works up the sweat you need to enjoy this thirst-quenching beer. Got additional duties? Don’t let them discourage you from enjoying this satisfying blend of malt and hops. Its 4.65 percent ABV is not going to put you into a coma, so you can still finish your work while putting down a few Day Time brews.

ballast-point-even-keel-ipaBallast Point Brewing & Spirits Even Keel
As you might imagine, session beers are perfect for lawnmower drinking; because they are they are light on alcohol content, you can have a few of them over a period of time (session) without getting too banged up. Thus, this session IPA is perfect, combining maltiness and hops with a subtle citrus lemon and grapefruit flavor. This flavor profile and the 3.8 percent ABV mean Even Keel will keep you just that: even keeled.

tank-7Boulevard Brewing Company Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale
Another farmhouse style ale we love hails from Boulevard’s Smokestack Series. They claim this beer began as an experimental twist on a traditional Belgian style farmhouse, and what emerged is this spectacular blend of subtle fruit flavors, such as grapefruit, with a peppery finish. This all came together—by accident or divine right—in the very special fermenter number seven. Hence the name. Warning: Sip this one slowly. Otherwise, thanks to an 8.5 percent ABV and a 1 pint, 9.4 oz. bottle, you’re just asking for an LUI…