A recent lawsuit brought to the Supreme Court calls for the banishment of the term Christmas and want to officially rename it Present Day. The suit states that people of the United States that don’t practice Christianity or of a different faith should not to repeatedly hear or constantly say the word “Christmas” . They also say that X-Mas doesn’t work because we all know what the X-stands for. They would like to make sure the tradition continues of giving presents so thus the name Present Day. They are cool with Santa as he is non-denominational. They also recommend Festivus Day be recognized as an official holiday as well. “A Festivus for the rest of us” is the term stated in the litigation. They would like to see cards and media contain both Presents Day and Festivus and state “if Quanza is recognized than these should be as well”. In response the Girl Scouts of American will be offering a service to unrap your Christmas Gifts for $2. For $1 they will exchange your “Merry Christmas” tags for “Have a Perfect Presents Day” tags. Michael Jackson has been hired to write a new song for Present Day that Present Day supporters will hope bring more attention to the day as well. A series of nationwide commercial spots funded by Tom Cruise and other Scientologist will use Michael Richards to promote both Present Day and Festivus Day. They feel Richards has the public eye right now to draw the attention needed to make these holidays commonplace. Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and Paris Hilton have been signed to a series of print ads that will have the slogan. “You know what I want for Presents Day?” “New Panties” . The lawsuit is seen as an act of publicity but nobody expected it to go this far. I will report more if any information comes out about this lawsuit in the near future.