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Guys loved to get caught up in titles. It doesn’t matter if the woman’s an astronaut, a doctor, or yes, even a model. A woman is a woman first, and her occupation second, maybe even third or fourth. Just because a lady models doesn’t mean she’ll be any different than a chick that sits at a desk for a living. She may run in different circles than your common office dweller, but she has insecurities and hang ups and flaws like any other person because she’s human. Don’t get caught up on her looks, because everyone else does. The superficiality of good looks can be a double edge sword. It can also be a great opportunity for an average Joe, such as yourselves, to go ahead and grab a model. Here’s how.

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Finding them. As stated earlier, models may run in different circles than the one’s you’re used to. So, for the first step to dating a model, you must locate models. This isn’t hard. You can find models doing a host of things, because they’re models. Models host parties. Models show up at big corporate events. Models definitely make appearances at concerts. Take your pick. Any event that requires a hottie or two to stand around, well, looking hot, is going to have a model or two. Oh, and they don’t have to do much besides looking pretty and being personable. Remember this fact. It’ll help you later.

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Don’t be a pack dog. Guys can’t help but go into hunting mode when they see a hot chick, and models are hot chicks. But, you need to fight the urge to fall into the pack of slobbering buffoonery that is the normal male approach to women. What does the average guy do when he sees a hot girl, other than slob all over himself? Well, the normal guy starts spouting off how hot he thinks she is, like it’ll make a difference. News flash. She’s a model. She probably knows she’s hot. And she’s probably had boat loads of guys reaffirming that very same aspect of her. So why do the same?

Treat her like she’s average. Or better yet, act like “pretty” is something that doesn’t impress you. When you approach her, after the standard introduction, don’t drown her in superficial compliments. Don’t give her any ideas that you’re attracted to her at all. Ask her about the event. Pay attention and respond. Generate a real conversation that isn’t centered around her looks. Try to learn about the girl behind the beauty. Or at least enough about her to warrant exchanging numbers. Make connections. Maybe you’re a photographer, or maybe you’re involved in a project she’d like to be a part of. She’ll respect you more for not treating her like another pretty face. Let the buffoons waste time coming up with empty compliments and cliche approaches. You have a better chance of getting a chance to see her away from all the glitz and glam. If you play your cards right, you’ll have a better shot of seeing her away from her clothes as well.

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The double edge sword. Beauty is a funny thing in that it can carry someone very far in life, but it can also be a reason someone is objectified, especially women. In the case of models, they only get as far as their beauty, and extroverted personality can carry them. When you don’t acknowledge that beauty, when you don’t, in essence, objectify her because she’s hot, you automatically look better than the hordes of men that do on a daily basis. So while beauty can carry someone far, it can also cripple them because many people won’t take them for anything deeper than their beauty, making it easy for a stud like you to come in and, well, be different.