Dos Equis has this thing going on.  It’s impossible to tell exactly what it is, but in a very intriguing way.  It’s The Most Interesting Academy, and it’s a uniquely masculine academy that teaches men to be interesting.  

But not, like, interesting in the way you’re supposed to be at a meet-and-greet for local bloggers.  This is interesting in a way you’re supposed to be when you’re in a hunting lodge in Southern Africa after you had to wrestle a wild boar in a fight for your own life (and that night’s feast of boar). 

We’re 90% sure it’s an advertising campaign, but what if it’s not!?  What if “its alumni have included the likes of a certain writer-adventurer-recluse, a Dutch dancer-spy, a politician-conservationist wielding a big stick, and many an inventor-savant?” What if this is your ticket back into the days of the now-defunct Adventurer’s Club?!

Whether you’ll be whisked away to a leather-scented library of anachronistic tomes filled with ancient, manly knowledge, or just read some pretty good how-to articles about bluffing, circumnavigating the globe, or surviving in the modern era, it’ll be interesting to join