Just letting you know, your childhood dreams have come true. The Force is real, and you can learn to wield it to your own desire. Okay, deep breaths. Don’t geek out. Gotta get through this with some shred of dignity. Not unlike a Jedi.

Okay, so you won’t exactly be using Jedi mind tricks to get hot chicks to go home with you, or lifting your car with your mind to change a flat tire. You’ll be making a ping-pong sized ball float a few inches in the air. But, hey, even Obi-Wan had to start somewhere, right? With the Star Wars Force Trainer, you’ll be living by yourself in the desert and scaring off Sand People in no time.

The headset you’ll be strapping on reads your brain waves and determines how hard you are concentrating, which signals the Force Trainer to blow the ball higher in the air or lower it. And, brace for the geek out again, there are 15 voice-guided levels in which words of encouragement and wisdom will be provided to you by none other than… Yoda. What else do we have to say to get you to buy this thing? It comes with Leia in her Jabba’s Sand-Barge bikini?

It goes for about $120. Now if only somebody would invent real Ewoks so they can be our pets.