Forget about the safest cares of 2010. The Frictionator Monster Jet Truck is, believe it or not, street legal. This has less to do with its relative safety or road worthiness (both clearly rock bottom) and more to do with the fact that lawmakers didn’t really anticipate rocket-powered monster trucks (or rocket powered scooters, or rocket powered VW Bugs), and there are no laws forbidding them as a result. 

Forget about the fact that it would incinerate anybody even remotely tailgating it (not altogether unappealing), The Frictionator also sports gladiatorial wheel spikes on its front two wheels to take on any rides that might be in front of two the side of it. 

Based on a Ford F650 supertruck, the same basic model that is sometimes used as an ambulance, the Frictionator eschews a life-saving cabinet in rear for a 7,000 horsepower jet engine mounted in the back which allows it to reach speeds of 200 mph, or burn a car to the ground (but not at the same time).   Remember to wear your helmet, kids.