Now that the bankruptcy filing is official, the time is ripe to make a killing from selling all your Lehman Brothers branded junk on eBay.

Here’s 6 of our favorite current items:

1. The obligatory ‘I Invested my life savings with Lehman and all I got was this lousy shirt‘.

2. A totally awesome Lehman Bros hat to keep you cool in the unemployment line.

3. An official Lehman stock certificate. Good thing this is only going for $10, because it’s not actually worth more than the novelty value.

4. A Lehman Brothers mug with their slogan, ‘Where visions get built‘. Feel free to write in “…and then go bankrupt” in Sharpie.

5. An awesome ‘Operating Principles’ desk cube. This thing (still in the packaging in mint condition!) even has one side that says ‘Demonstrating Smart Risk Management’. Ouch, so wrong. Again, feel free to write in snide remarks with this purchase.

6. A Lehman Brothers Fire Safety Team hat. Fire Safety is no laughing matter. Except when it’s in the form of a hat with a newly disgraced company’s logo on it.

Just be sure you’re not the guy stuck trying to sell these Lehman Brothers Bailout domain names after the company has already gone belly up. Ouch.