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When you meet a sexy woman at a party, the process of getting her back to your pad for some late night fun takes more than just luck. You need to set the right mood and make her feel comfortable before you can flat-out ask her to get out of there. The woman needs to know that she’s making the decision without feeling like she’s being manipulated. Once her guard is down and she gets to know the real you, a night of fun for the both of you awaits.


Display your confidence right from the start. One way to provoke interest is to hold information back. Ask her questions that get her talking about herself. The more time she spends without getting bored, the more questions she’ll have for you.


Show your fun side. Remember that you’re at a party, but at the same time, avoid falling into any frat boy stereotypes. She should be laughing with you and not at you. It’s better to make just her laugh than to make all of the guys around you laugh.


Test the waters with a little friendly contact. If she pulls away from a touch on the shoulder or the wrist, getting out of there with her is going to be difficult. If she touches you, don’t wait too long to reciprocate.


Talk to her about things that will transition easily into asking her to go to your pad. You can’t move from a conversation about your mother to proposing a trip back to your place. On the other hand, if you just finished talking about your pet dog, and that seemed to interest her, it might be the perfect opportunity without making the chance of sex too blatant.


Suggest leaving with a statement that assumes that you already know the answer. The tone between “Let’s get out of here” and “Do you want to come to my pad?” can make all the difference. It’s better for her to feel wanted than to just feel like she wants you. If you’re confident at a party, she’ll be more likely to think that you’ll be confident in the bedroom.