Lewis Black did one of his rants on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart last week. As usual, he makes a lot of broad assumptions, shouts a lot, and basically looks like a crazy person. Does he have some good points though? Check it:

I’ve got no beef with Black harping on the Chrysler Building and Trump’s Mansion getting sold, but so callous and mean-spirited to the King of Beers? If we lived in a real beer monarchy, that would probably classify as a beheading.

Good to see they got clips of one of the most inarticulate Bud drinkers they could find (at 3:45 ) to voice his opinion. I wish Americans would have bought it too. Or at least Mexicans! Damn you Corona. At least InBev isn’t swapping the Clydesdales to Belgian monks. . . just yet. Cheers!